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Creating a profile on is free. Go to home page on and select the option Register free. Fill the REGISTRATION FORM. Contact details i.e. E-mail id and mobile/landline number are mandatory. Once you complete the registration form the profile is screened and made available to be viewed by other members within 24 hrs.
Mentioning the number is mandatory. However if you do not wish to share it with other members then you can choose the privacy option "Don't show to anyone" at the time of registration itself.
It is necessary to fill the first 2 pages of the registration form. The 1st page captures your basic details and once you submit this page the profile id gets generated which can be checked on top left corner of the next page. The 2nd page requires you to fill details about your qualification and write something about yourself. Once all mandatory details are captured click on "Finish Registration"
DO's star with a simple rule - "Be Honest". Fill all youe details accurately. Just the way you would shortlist other profile basis the criteria that they have filled. They would be doing the same. Also it is advisable to add as much details as possible in the profile to facilitate your search process. DONT write any content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist. Also please don't put your contact details in the "About Me" section. Lastly please ensure you put a valid email id and phone number as that's the only way other members will contact you.
To login to the profile go to There is an option for existing user to login. Enter you registered e-mail id and the password, and you will login to your profile. Alternatively you can just click on any of the emails you receive from and you will get logged in to the site.
The profile post creation can be edited by going to My Profile link. Once you login, go to My Profile link and click on the edit option next to the information you wish to change. However any changes are again screened and are visible within 24 hrs
Except certain basic details like Date of Birth, Marital Status, Gender and Username all the rest of the information can be changed. If you wish to change these fields then the same can be done by our servicing team provided you have not contacted other members via "Express Interest" / "Acceptance". To change these fields just email to us on and attach a photo ID proof which validates the Date of Birth.
We hope that you want to delete your profile because you have found your soul-mate. If you are angry with us because you had a bad experience with a member, then let us know. In case you are annoyed because we call you/email/sms to you very often, then you can switch of these services from the control panel. To delete the profile post login go to Settings option on the top left corner, next to logout option. Select Hide/Delete profile section. Click on the 'Permanently Delete your Profile' radio button and select an appropriate reason for deleting your profile and reconfirm the password. In case you have found your partner through, we will be happy if you share your success story with us. You will also receive a surprise gift from us if you got engaged/ married through us.
Once a profile is deleted then a request from the registered e-mail id needs to be sent to Do mention why you had deleted the profile and why you want to retrieve it now. A reply will be received within 24 hrs confirming if the profile can be retrieved or not.
When you like a user's profile and want to contact them, the first step is to 'Express Interest' in them. To do that, you can either click on the 'Express interest' link in the summary profile of a user that is featured in search results or use the 'Express Interest' button in the detailed profile of that user. An Expression of Interest can be sent by both FREE and PREMIUM/PAID members. However only PREMIUM members can will be able to send a personalized message FREE members can just send the system message to express interest. This increases the chances of a response from the person contacted.
To do that, you need to upgrade to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. If you upgrade to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP (paid membership), you can view their contact details directly. However if the other member has set strict filter criteria and you do not meet their criteria then you would need to send them an "Expression of Interest". If they "Accept" then you can view their contact details by clicking on "View Contact Details". For membership details, please go to membership page
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